Success stories

Some of the projects we have delivered have taught us a lot or meant a huge leap in our clients’ business.
Some of them helped us achieve significant milestones.
These are the projects we would like to share with you.

GO Capture – the mobile revolution

The task

The objective this project was to create a mobile multimedia application that would connect to our client’s’ other existing products. The real challenge was the requirement for compatibility with their old applications that didn’t yet support advanced features.

The target platforms were Android and iOS. An essential requirement was that the two applications had to have the same controls despite platform differences, which was not a standard requirement.

Steps taken

Multimedia applications using GPS or a camera that work the same way on various platforms are a bigger challenge than ever before. Each platform has its own specifics and recommended method of control.

After a detailed analysis, we found that we are able to implement the requirements using two separate native applications. Xamarin MonoTouch, a Microsoft-related solution was chosen for iOS, and Android Studio and Java for Android.

To solve the problem, we had to find answers to the client's unique requirements and implement solutions tailored specifically to their needs. Since the first application was written in Android and the client requested both platforms with the same behaviour, we had to develop several customized components.

The result

We were able to deliver the product by a standard deadline while we covered two different platforms and development environments.

The demanding requirements of marketing and support departments were met. In three months, we delivered applications with an intuitive interface for users of both platforms. At the same time, we met the client’s requirement for unified control of both applications, enabling them to save money on training their employees.

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Success stories

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