Streamline your processes. Increase operating efficiency. Cut costs.

IT can make or break a business.
With smart modernization of your applications, you can restore their value to your business.

Lost in systems?

Application portfolios can become very complex as companies keep adapting to an ever-changing and evolving business and operating environment. This leads to ponderous, overly complex, and redundant systems that no longer bring value to the company, and may even hinder operations and be costly to maintain. 

To unlock their business value, application portfolios need to be streamlined and re-purposed.

Cut costs

When modernizing applications, our ultimate goal is to improve your company’s organizational efficiency. Making your applications match your business objectives has a positive impact on the cost-effectiveness of your operations.

Follow trends in IT

Make your applications look good, reach your customers. System modernization combined with cloud philosophy and big data analytics can give you an incredible market advantage.


UI modernization

Through front end fine-tuning we’ll optimize your applications so that they look fresh and modern on today’s mobile devices - smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. We’ll implement the latest trends and apply optimization and a responsive layout to make them intuitive and enhance their design.

Refactoring systems

Through back-end optimization we can reduce the number of systems in your company, streamline your processes, and introduce modern techniques and methodologies. This leads to reduced complexity, easier maintenance, and increased scalability of your systems. All this can be implemented without changing their original behaviour and with no impact on company operations.

Quality guaranteed

To build reliable yet trendy applications, we place great emphasis on the following:

Incorporating user feedback

Let users help build products they’ll love.

Using experts for software ergonomics

Let professionals put users’ expectations into practice.

Exploring the latest techniques

Use the latest technologies to accelerate applications, cut maintenance costs, and make your systems work efficiently.
Optimal technical implementation
Lorem Lipsum defined priorities, build in scenarios (we focus on thorough preparation and product strategy before the project launch).
Broad range of technical expertise
Lorem Lipsum project costs are managed via allocated budgets - you know exactly what you received for your investment.
Professional project organization
Lorem Lipsum  that are releaseable right after collecting your feedback - your product will reach the market in the shortest possible time.

What’s next?

Cooperative Software has many years of experience in modernizing applications and streamlining business processes. After analyzing your strategy and operating needs, we will review your application portfolio and use modern techniques to rewrite your code. This will make your applications faster and more intuitive, and will also help support the strategically important areas of your business.

Contact us for a free consultation on how you can optimize your department’s costs by modernizing your application portfolio.

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