Who we are

We are a team of solution seekers.
For 25 years, we have been finding solutions that have helped our clients transform their business.
We deliver top-notch enterprise solutions. 
We love what we do.
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OUR mission

We are here to deliver solutions that will help organizations grow. Our aim is to explore new options and bring value to our clients’ day-to-day lives. We look past the horizon in search for new ways of doing things.

Our values


We are committed to growing our team’s knowledge and skills, in order to deliver quality to our clients. We facilitate an environment and culture that supports people and helps them thrive in the world of IT.


We’re passionate about delivering good quality to our clients. Our work isn’t done until our clients are happy with the solutions we’ve provided.


We combine a long-term approach with the immediate ability to react to new market opportunities. Our strong relationships with our customers are key for putting this vision into practice.


Innovation and precision are our key priorities. We take a flexible and dynamic approach to the way we work, making us quick to react to new market opportunities. In addition, our work with technical universities and experts in the field helps us to look at and develop new ideas and innovations.
We are a team of IT enthusiasts, thinkers, enablers, and detail-oriented doers. We question assumptions, think in scenarios, and visualize future outcomes. This is our passion.

Meet the team


Founder, Key Account Director
The founder.
Jan's energy affects everybody he interacts with. He is a strong leader through his passion and knowledge of the IT industry (which he has been a part of for 35 years). He started the company on new pastures, right after the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia.

Jan's leadership at Cooperative Software is reinforced by his Master’s degree in IT, and his strong analytical thinking is hard to beat.

Jan will often choose a path that others consider impossible, and will often think outside the box to deliver to his team and to his clients. He believes that if people are competent and self-managed, and are given enough trust and support, they will thrive. His impact is not only felt within Cooperative Software but also within the wider community, as he often provides support and donations to various organizations and individuals in order to help them to make a difference.

On a personal note, besides volleyball courts or snowy hills, Jan's favourite activity involves swimming in icy lakes in winter.


Co-CEO, Business Director
Facilitator of new possibilities that open our minds.
Jana came from the corporate world, where she gained broad experience in business consulting, company processes optimization, and project management.

One of Jana's key skills is being able to point out the strongest arguments, to “hit the nail on the head”, so to speak. She is quite blunt, which may at times give others pause; however, this usually establishes an excellent foundation for setting out a clear direction for the company through good decisions involving projects and company strategy.

She is a big fan of coaching, and this approach enables her to motivate people and reinforces our company philosophy of growing people, not just IT!

Jana is our marketer and our “business eye”; she seamlessly connects the complex and fast-paced world of IT with the world of business. She can explain business visions so that IT can understand them and define business drivers that are easily followed by IT.


Co-CEO, Technical Director
Enthusiastic problem solver, curious about all aspects of life.
Libor has always been able to ask the right questions and is considered a seasoned expert in coming up with the right solutions.

He has been fascinated by systems and IT since the age of eight. However, people are usually surprised by how much he knows about different areas such as history, philosophy, economics, and astronomy, and often wonder what the heck he’s doing in IT!

His previous experience in IT and systems development combined with his new role as Technical Director here at Cooperative Software has allowed Libor combine the best of both worlds in order to solve difficult problems and prepare effective strategies.

We all appreciate Libor's capacity for conceptual thinking and the fact that he is able to absorb and solve complex problems.

We guarantee quality

We offer a unique balance between strategy and flexibility

Our clients value us for our quality, short response time, and world-class support.

We explore the latest techniques and methodologies

We are capable of coming up with a solution to any operational or technical challenge your business may facing.

Our team comprises top-notch experts

Our team of experts is so knowledgeable that they train IT specialists from other companies! We also have a broad base of established partnerships.

We care about our community

We donate to and support individuals and organizations that we believe may have a positive impact on our community and society.

We support:

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Our clients love our work

Cooperative Software’s technical expertise and professional approach to software development has enabled them to consistently produce quality applications over the last twenty years, helping secure Elmhurst’s position as the ‘go to’ organization within the energy assessment industry.
Paul Mayne
Existing Dwellings Business Unit Manager

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