Success stories

Some of the projects we have delivered have taught us a lot or meant a huge leap in our clients’ business.
Some of them helped us achieve significant milestones.
These are the projects we would like to share with you.

A unique solution for interconnecting totally distinct worlds of IT – Microsoft and Apple - iOS Calculator

The task

Our task was to enable our client’s customers to use an Apple-certified computational core that had originally been written for the Windows platform. This meant that we had to find a way to interconnect a .net (Windows) native application with native applications running on iOS (Apple). This seemingly simple assignment turned out to be a real challenge - according to a large quantity of posts on portals around the world, this task had no reasonable solution.

Steps taken

We managed to find a unique solution for connecting two native applications from two completely different worlds. It was essential to devise a way to overcome technological barriers due to which libraries optimized for Windows applications could not be used in the Xcode environment. Our team devised a solution that managed to overcome these limitations without the need to connect two separate applications. We managed to analyze how Xamarine works and apply these principles in an application written in Xcode.

The result

This project resulted in great cost savings for the customer. Development of a new application would have been very time-consuming and therefore expensive due to its complexity. Thanks to the rapid and successful integration, our client acquired a competitive edge on the market, as they were the only ones to make the product available on both platforms.

Our team was able to find answers to questions that were being asked by developers around the world, and thanks to this we were able to provide a solution that meant a big step forward.

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Success stories

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