Enterprise application integration

Integrate. Make use of synergies.

Combining complex systems, if done well, offers opportunities that will facilitate your business.
Operations will be streamlined and efficiencies introduced. Cooperative Software has extensive experience in making various systems, departments, applications, businesses, and data sources talk to each other in an optimal configuration.

Why integrate?

When deciding whether to integrate various systems, consider the following points:
Integration isn't only a technical term; each integration should also have a positive impact on the company’s business results.

Take the best route

After the decision to integrate has been made, consider the following implementation steps:
Understand the processes on both sides - answer the question, "How does it work"?
Draw a data transfer scheme - answer the question, "What data is relevant for both parties within this integration?"
Understand both systems. Respect defined roles and responsibilities.
Efficient communication among individual responsible stakeholders is a must. Asking the right questions is key at this stage.
Prepare an integration roadmap – divide the project into phases. Each phase needs to bring the desired business benefits (e.g. reduced costs).

Cooperative Software's integration services

Integration strategy

We offer a thorough integration analysis. We will break the project down into phases that aim to achieve the desired business benefit. Our goal is to make the integration pay off from a business perspective.

Integration interface

We can develop a generic platform fully personalized for your company. the integration API used in this solution will help you easily integrate with partners from various market segments. This will enable you to integrate with any other company smoothly. Such a solution will on the one hand respect each integrator’s specific requirements,and on the other hand will result in savings, as only one integration interface will be necessary.

First-class integration experience

Cooperative Software has delivered various integration projects, from application integration to service integration.
As a long-term partner of various organizations, we have experienced a constantly growing demand for integration. This is a perfectly understandable trend, as integration goes hand in hand with partnering, communication, and mobility - all hot topics in the world today.

In our numerous projects we were able to find solutions for various integration problems and answer hundreds of questions. 
As we have dealt with hundreds of possible combinations and issues that can be experienced during integration, in our current projects we can fully focus on business goals rather than trying to address strictly technical details.

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